Location & other names of Pushelat

Latitude 5544, Longitude 2441 Pusalotas, Pushelot, Pusholaty, Pishelot, Pushlat Lithuania

Synagogue Dedication Ceremony.
Pusalotas Rabbi's.

Mendel Margolis


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Geneological Odysseys

Geneology, the detective-like researching of family trees, attracts old and young alike. Even those who don't consider themselves very religious establish a closer personal bond and find a way of connecting to Judaism.

If you know more about Abraham, Issac, and Jacob than your own grandparents and great grandparents, and are curious to learn more, then this is a great place for you to begin to journey into your own rich heritage.

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          and Estonia

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Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania
Jewish cemeteries in Belarus
(International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies) cemetery listings.

You may or may not find the cemetery for your shtetl listed. When you go to your shtetl, become a Headstone Hunter and please write down a description of the Jewish cemetery there - the location, condition, approximate number of gravestones, and anything else of a descriptive nature you can think of. After the trip, please send me the information at and you will be rewarded as I will see that it gets added to the cemetery project listings!

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